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    Remote Managed Server...nmEnroll script

      Hi Guys,

      I am trying to create a cluster with 2 managed servers. MS1 on my PC-1 and MS2 on another PC-2.

      I have configured both the servers. And I have also created 2 machines and configured them accordingly.
      My MS1 is running and the health is OK.

      To start MS2 from another PC, I understand that I need to enroll Node Manager from PC2 to be able to connect to the cluster from PC1

      Can somebody give me the script for nmEnroll so that my remote managed server can be connected.

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          René van Wijk
          Note that you do not have to use nmEnroll.

          Make sure you have started the node managers on both machines and that the admin server is running.
          You have probably used pack and unpack to copy the domain config from one machine to another.
          Now you can use the admin console to start the managed server to 'enroll' them.

          In the following posts you can find more detailed instructions:
          - http://middlewaremagic.com/weblogic/?p=7265
          - http://middlewaremagic.com/weblogic/?p=7795
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            Hi Rene,

            I got this working. The issue was my Admin Server was listening on 'localhost' and hence the macine-2 node manager was not finding my domain.

            Got the answer from one of Jay Sensharma's blogs on middleware magic. :)