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    Oracle VDI 3.3 Desktops being restarted when recycled


      I have just upgraded to Oracle VDI 3.3.2, from 3.2.2. I use this in a lab situation where I can have high numbers of people logging on at once, using the machines for an hour or two, then all logging out again. I used to just set the Desktop Recycling Policy to "Reuse Desktop" and have the Cloned Desktops Machines State set to "Running" and this would leave all the desktops in such a state that they could be logged into by users from the following group. However since the upgrade I have noticed that the desktops are being restarted when they get recycled, this is a problem because if I have 130 desktops all being restarted at the same time it unlikely that they will all be ready, say if the turnaround slot is 10 minutes or so.

      Is this by design, and if so with which release did this start happening. I can't find any mention of this in the documentation. Or am I just finding an oddity, in which case I will open an SR with Oracle.

      This is a major problem for our useage scenario!