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    Question about OSB proxy service


      I am new to SOA/OSB world. I am working on a OSB poc for our existing application. I have a question about specifying end point URL for proxy service. Is it possible to specify some generic end point url for a proxy service. Something like /SomeService/*. I tried this and got errors. Is there any way to accomplish somethig like this or it is wrong conceptually.

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          Pierluigi Vernetto
          specifying /SomeService should be enough. Anything else you specify when you invoke the service should be interpreted as query parameters.
          so if you post to localhost:7001/SomeService/Bla/Blu, your service is invoked and it gets Bla/Blu in the query parameters. At least I think so - no time to test.
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            Eric Elzinga
            everything you type in the endpoint uri input will be the contextroot of your service, so /SomeService should indeed be enough or like Pierluigi mentioned /SomeService/blabla is also valid (blabla won't be a query parameter but just part of the contextroot)

            if you would use a http rest-like service

            /SomeService/blabla would still be the contextroot and after that you could use the query params

            /SomeService/babla?var1=test&var2=test or /SomeService/blabla/employee/id/1
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              Thanks guys. One last thing so if I have /someService as end point URI and the client to this proxy service send request as /someService/bla, the proxy will accept the request. Is that right?