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    Server Diagnostic Watch and Notification

      I would like to set up a watch such that when the weblogic management server Runtime MBean's 'state = FAILED_NOT_RESTARTABLE' I will get a mail notification. I have it working for when the state=RUNNING. The problem is I need to induce my managed server into the FAILED_NOT_RESTARTABLE state to test it which I can't seem to do.

      What's an easy way to get that to happen so I can test my watch?

      I also tried the a different approach which was to set my watch to notify when the state != RUNNING. I then shutdown my server, but it does not generate an email either.

      Not sure why since it works for RUNNING. Anyone have any ideas? I need to alert some maintenance people when any of the managed servers are down and nodemanager is having problems restarting them for whatever reason.


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          René van Wijk
          Note that when you use '!=' it expects a numeric value. The '=' operator works for both numerics and string.

          When you want to compare String you can use MATCHES or NOT(tekst MATCHES 'RUNNING').

          More information on the usage of WLDF operators can be found here - http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E15523_01/web.1111/e13714/appendix_query.htm#i1054864

          You can probably get a FAILED NOT RESTARTABLE when you give the server a wrong JVM parameter, or set the JVM parameters as the classpath.
          For a managed server you can do this in the server, configuration, server start tab.