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    Adding Report Template to UCM content server

      On enabling the Records capabilities for UCM content server(CS) ,it gives a 'Setup Checklist' for configuring Records Management/ Retention. However when "     Install Default Templates" is selected it does not install the required reporting templates. Although it displays a success message.
      The error message received in logs is following
      Unable to execute service method 'rpSetTemplateRenditionValues'. java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: oracle/xdo/template/RTFProcessor. [ Details ]

      An error has occurred. The stack trace below shows more information.

      !csUnableToExecMethod,rpSetTemplateRenditionValues!syJavaExceptionWrapper,java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: oracle/xdo/template/RTFProcessor
      intradoc.common.ServiceException: !csUnableToExecMethod,rpSetTemplateRenditionValues
      at intradoc.server.ServiceRequestImplementor.buildServiceException(ServiceRequestImplementor.java:2115)

      Is there any specific configuration /component installation that is missed out here ? .
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          William Phelps
          After enabling the records functionality, did you restart the UCM managed server before trying to process the setup checklist?
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            Yes ,the server was restarted after enabling the "Record Settings" .
            Just to add when I click on "Install default templates" I get this message "If storage rule for FileStoreProvider needs to be upgraded, please do it first and then install default templates. Do you still want to continue?" . Since the Filestore provider is configured by default , I assume I don't need to do anything for this setting and it should install the templates . As mentioned before all the steps work well on a URM instance.

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              Steve Hamilton
              Check the installation. By default UCM does not reference the report libraries (oracle.xdo.runtime.ear). If you do not get this part right, then the report templates will not be uploaded

              Configure Report Library
              To configure the Records Management feature in Content Server, you need to add the oracle.xdo.runtime.ear library manually from the Oracle WebLogic Server Administration Console after creating the domain that includes the WebCenter Content Managed Server and before starting it for the first time. You also need to add a reference to this library in the weblogic-application.xml file of the WebCenter Content EAR file before starting the Managed Server. Please consult the Quick Help for this page for details.