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    DRM: Use of Sort Order property?


      There is a property by the name Sort Order and is a local, hidden and system defined property. Would like to know the use of this property and the usage of the property in DRM.

      Jeet Kasi
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          The SortOrder is used to determine the sort order for nodes within a hierarchy. You would use the property when you want the nodes under a parent to appear in a certain order. Out of the box sort order is alpha numeric, but you can create a custom sort order.
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            Hello experts,

            Is there a way to disable node sorting order or in other word enable sorting in any order the user wants? There is no one particular rule that can be applied. I tried to create a derived Sort property and assigned it a value/formula of just 0 or 1. When I dragged a node around and tried to drop it as a sibling somewhere else higher up in the tree under the same parent, I got this message: "1: The server returned an error processing CopyNodes: Index (zero based) must be greater than or equal to zero and less than the size of the argument list."

            Thank you!
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              Have you assigned the newly created Sort property against the Hieararchy?

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                Yes I did. I think what I did wrong was that I needed to set the Prop to Defined instead of Derived. I ended up using the defaul Sort Order property and that worked out. Thanks!