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    Master Detail Report

    Alexandra Robin
      Is there a way to set up a search bar for the Master? I know it's technically a form, but I find it weird that I have so many master records and there was no search setup with the wizard. I've got many records for which this works beautifully otherwise.
      Thanks in advance.
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          Alexandra Robin
          I thought I had solved this but I'm still having problems.

          Why is there no search bar when setting up a master detail report?
          How can I create one?

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            Hi Alexandra,

            Add an Item to your master region; LOV is a good choice.

            Then under Report/Query Definition/Query Conditions; add something like:
            (("DEMO_ORDERS"."CUSTOMER_ID" = :P91_CUSTOMER)
            Under Columns and Conditions

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              Alexandra Robin
              Thanks, Jeff. I'm still not too clear. Am I right in thinking..

              My table: DOC_RI_SPECS
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                Alexandra Robin
                Thanks, Jeff. I'm still not too clear. Am I right in thinking..

                My table: DOC_RI_SPECS
                My PK: RI_SPECS_ID
                My new page item: :P30_NEW_ITEM


                ("DOC_RI_SPECS"."RI_SPECS_ID" = :P30_NEW_ITEM)

                ...and make :P30_NEW_ITEM an LOV with what values?
                double left paren ommitted

                I'm trying now.
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                  Your LOV would be something like:
                  SELECT doc_ri_specs.descriptive_something d,
                  doc_ri_specs.ri_spec_d r
                  FROM doc_ri_specs
                  ORDER BY 1 >

                  To configure the query; go to the Report Attributes and then click on the Query Definition tab.

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                    Alexandra Robin
                    Hi Jeff -
                    I'm trying to get this to work again but having problems. Table I'm querying is DOC_ECR_FORM

                    Here's what I did:
                    Created LOV item P81_SEARCH_ECR (only available LOV type is popup, I'm sure due to the number of records I'm searching)

                    Set it up the LOV with this query:
                    SELECT ECRNO D, ECRNO R
                    FROM DOC_ECR_FORM
                    WHERE ECRNO = :P81_SEARCH_ECR

                    Setup condition as
                    (("DOC_ECR_FORM"."ECRNO" =:P81_SEARCH_ECR))

                    Now the report of all items is not displayed. The search field is displayed but no data found.
                    Also set :P81_SEARCH_ECR as:
                    Enterable; show and store return value
                    Fetch first row set

                    I'm definitely missing something!!

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                      Hi Alexandra,

                      What made you think the East Coast was working today? :O)

                      I believe you want to set your Dispaly Null attribute of your LOV to Yes and the Null display value to something like --- All Documents ---.

                      Then the where clause of your report:
                       WHERE (   :p81_search_ecr = '%null%'
                              OR doc_ecr_form.ecrno LIKE '%' || :p81_search_ecr || '%')

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                        Have you thought of making your Master Detail Report an Interactive Report which allow your users to determine how they what to find a master record?
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                          Alexandra Robin
                          You're there today! I just got slammed by another user because I opened another post asking virtually the same question figuring you'd never see this one again because it's so old. There must be new users about because it's been awhile since I've posted anything and the first reprimand I got was for not posting version/template/theme/server, etc... and then the next response was closing it up saying, "Do not duplicate." Trouble is I didn't mean to rock the boat, I'm desparately trying to resolve this and as I said, didn't know you'd see it.

                          Anyway, what ARE you doing working today? We'll probably be let off early as is usual before a holiday weekend.

                          But more importantly, I would prefer to make my master report into an interactive report, but don't know how. I've tried many times this week to create an interactive report and a tabular form on the same page, but kept getting an error when opening up an existing record and trying to add more records into the tabular form.

                          Is it possible to convert an already existing Master report in a Master Detail form into an interactive form or do I need to create from scratch? In the meantime I will give your other suggestion a try.

                          It's great to hear from you - thanks again!
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                            I am leaving the office shortly but will be able to pick things up again from home around 3:00 EST.

                            Any standard report can be converted to an interactive report but once done; you cannot go back to the standard form.

                            To convert the report; edit the report region and over to the right under Tasks their is the option Migrate to Interactive Report.
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                              Alexandra Robin
                              NO NEED!!! YOUR SUGGESTION WORKED!!!! I need to test the detail entry now, so I'll let you know if I run into anything, and if not, I'll mark correct. Have a great weekend!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU
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                                Great news; enjoy the long weekend. They are calling for summer heat here in NH tomorrow; I plan to enjoy Lake Winniepesaukee with the family this weekend.

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                                  Alexandra Robin
                                  Wait, one more thing. In my excitement getting this working to add the where clause I changed the master report from a structured query to a return one value query. Doing that made the search work upon quick test and it was then that I wrote back in my excitement. I'm not sure if this is going to work completely - sorry don't know difference between structured and non and have the feeling the structured query is what makes the master detail work - though no access to the code in the wizard to enter the where clause.

                                  Sooooooo I'm going to test this one and go from scratch if it doesn't work. Once you get home it's your holiday so I don't expect you to have to dial in! ....welllllll only if you want to...:-) if we're off early we will leave at around 2:00 California time (there's pacific time, and then there's CALFORNIA time). lol

                                  Thanks again -
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                                    I can just connect to the forum from the Internet at home; will check back in around 3:00.
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