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    Setting up essbase studio on a laptop

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      can you set up studio using a window 7 as your OS and it being a Laptop

      and what is the process

      Error connecting too Essbase Studio Server

      Please advise
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          The console is supported but the server is not so issues are certainly possible.
          It might be worth checking the studio logs to see the reason.


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            where is the studio Logs so i can review
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                where is the set up documentation for studio !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                I did the install but the studio directory not there ...
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                  Essbase / Essbase Studio
                  PASSED     CFG: Configuration     Validating that configuration tasks have been completed     0 seconds
                  PASSED     DB: Database Connectivity     Checking connection to database jdbc:oracle:thin:@Nextlevel-PC:1521:Hyperion     0 seconds
                  FAILED     ESS: Essbase Studio Server     Validating Essbase Studio Server connection
                  Error: Network communication with the server failed. Check your network connection and try again.
                  Recommended Action: Start application     1 seconds
                  PASSED     EXT: External Authentication     Check Native Directory external authentication provider configuration     0 seconds
                  PASSED     REG: Configuration     Checking if product has only one product node in registry.     0 seconds

                  I have started the service..

                  when login on to studio

                  do i need to set up a different server than the on i am using for Essbase


                  and if so how

                  Please advise

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                    Vasavya Chowdary
                    Once installed, the ConfigTool shows the Essbase Studio database task as configured. Because it already shows that it is configured, the Configuration Tool does not try to configure Studio, so it cannot be started

                    workaround :

                    1.Using the Configuration Tool, reconfigure the database task for Essbase Studio. After the reconfiguration is complete, connect to Essbase Studio.

                    2. if i were you i would check
                    TRANSPORT.PORT.... See that server port runs in 9080 and transport 5300

                    I would suggest you go through below docs