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    Guided navigation does not work properly in 10G

      Hello Guru's,

      I am facing a strange issue and not sure if anyone ran into the same problem.

      I have a graph with 2 vertical bars; Complete and Incomplete values. The graph is set to navigate to a dashboard. When I drill from the Incomplete or the Complete the second dashboard filters the data in the second dashboard based on the value i drilled from the graph. However I have a guided navigation link in the second dashboard which is linked to a third page, when i click the guided navigation link to third page it drops the filter value from the graph(in the first dashboard). I tested this issue with table and pivot it does behave the same way.

      Is this a known issue as i am not able to find anything about it anywhere.


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          James - Projected
          Hi Muthanna,

          I was unable to replicate the problem you describe. I've created three dashboards, first one has navigation enabled on a chart which takes me to the second dashboard. This then has a navigation link (as in the dashboard object and also a navigation link from a column) to the third dashboard.

          All the filters get carried across for me.

          Have you checked there are filters setup in the target reports to accept the filters being applied during the navigation requests?