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    AQ Servlet Help - AQHttp.java is  missing

      Have installed Oracle OAS 10g R2 on SUSE 8.

      The aim to to get the Oracle AQ servlet working.

      I have been following the Oracle Streams Advanced Queueing Guide:


      Now, to test the AQ servlet it suggests:

      cd $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/demo

      javac AQHttp.java

      My problem is that this Java source file is missing.

      I have checked the RDBMS 10g and 11g installed homes on the DB server as well and again class does not exists.
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          Answer was to download and install the "Examples CD for 11g R2" (linux_11gR2_examples.zip) on the 11g database server. Includes all the AQ example/demo scripts mentioned in the Application Developers Guide.

          Note for versions < 11g , the examples CD was called the "Companion CD", so get that if you are on the older versions.

          After installing, the $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/demo directory went from containing just aqxml.conf to:

          aadvdemo.sql cdemdpit.c cdemoplb.c dmxfdemo.java occiuni2_korean.txt sadvuwk.sql
          ADDRESS.java cdemdpit.dat cdemoqc2.c Emp.java occiuni2_russian.txt securefile
          anydata.sql cdemdplp.c cdemoqc.c epgdemo.sql occiuni2.sql smdim.sql
          anydset.sql cdemdplp.dat cdemoqc.sql exfdemo.sql occiuni2.typ smxmv1.sql
          anytype.sql cdemdplp.sql cdemorid.c extdemo0.sql occixa.cpp smxmv2.sql
          aqbzdemo.tar cdemdpno.c cdemorid.h extdemo1.sql oci02.c smxrw.sql
          aqdemo00.sql cdemdpno.dat cdemorid.sql extdemo2.c oci02.sql strmatp.sql
          aqdemo01.sql cdemdpro.c cdemort.c extdemo2.h oci03.c strmatREADME.txt
          aqdemo02.sql cdemdpro.ctl cdemort.h extdemo2.sql oci03.sql strmats.sql
          aqdemo03.sql cdemdpro.dat cdemosc.c extdemo3a.java oci04.c strmatu.sql
          aqdemo04.sql cdemdpss.c cdemosc.sql extdemo3.java oci04.sql strmmon.c
          aqdemo05.sql cdemdpss.dat cdemoses.c extdemo3.sql oci05.c strmmv1README.txt
          aqdemo06.sql cdemo1.c cdemoses.h extdemo4.c oci05.sql strmmv1.sql
          aqdemo07.sql cdemo2.c cdemoses.sql extdemo4.h oci06.c strmmv2README.txt
          aqdemo08.sql cdemo3.c cdemosp.c extdemo4.sql oci06.sql strmmv2.sql
          aqdemo09.sql cdemo4.c cdemosp.h extdemo5.c oci07.c strmmv2s.sql
          aqdemo10.sql cdemo5.c cdemostc.c extdemo5.h oci07.sql strmmvp1.sql
          aqdemo11.sql cdemo6.cc cdemostc.h extdemo5.sql oci08.c strmmvp2.sql
          aqdemo12.sql cdemo6.h cdemosyev.c extdemo6.c oci08.sql strmqp1.sql
          AQDemoServlet.java cdemo81.c cdemosyev.sql extdemo6.h oci09.c strmqry1README.txt
          AQHttp.java cdemo82.c cdemosyex.sql extdemo6.sql oci09.sql strmqry1.sql
          AQHttpRq.java cdemo82.h cdemothr.c fdemo1.for oci10.c summit2.sql
          aqjmsdemo01.java cdemo82.sql cdemothr.h fdemo2.for oci10.sql tyevdemo.sql
          aqjmsdemo02.java cdemoanydata1.c cdemoucb.c fdemo3.for oci11.c ulcase10.ctl
          aqjmsdemo03.java cdemoanydata1.sql cdemoucbl.c fgacdemo.sql oci11.sql ulcase10.sql
          aqjmsdemo04.java cdemoanydata2.c cdemoucb.sql giffile.dat oci12.c ulcase11.ctl
          aqjmsdemo05.java cdemoanydata2.sql cdemouni.c inhdemo.sql oci12.sql ulcase11.dat
          aqjmsdemo06.java cdemobj.c cdemoup1.c keystore oci13.c ulcase11.sql
          aqjmsdemo07.java cdemobj.h cdemoup2.c lobs oci13.sql ulcase1.ctl
          aqjmsdemo08.java cdemocoll.c cdemoupk.c maporder.sql oci14.c ulcase1.sql
          aqjmsdemo09.java cdemocoll.h cdemoupk.sql mddemo2.sql oci14.sql ulcase2.ctl
          aqjmsdemo10.java cdemocor1.c cdemoxml.c mddemo.sql oci15.c ulcase2.dat
          aqjmsdmo.sql cdemocor.c clobdemo.dat mdemo1.cpp oci15.sql ulcase3.ctl
          aqjmsdrp.sql cdemocor.h dattime1.sql mdemo1.h oci16.c ulcase3.sql
          aqjmskprb01a.sql cdemocor.sql dattime2.sql mdemo1o.cpp oci16.sql ulcase4.ctl
          aqjmskprb01b.sql cdemocp.c dattime3.sql mdemo1.sql oci17.c ulcase4.dat
          aqjmskprb01c.sql cdemocpproxy.c dattime4.sql mdemo1.typ oci17.sql ulcase4.sql
          aqjmskprb01d.sql cdemocpproxy.sql demo_rdbms32.mk MesgListener.java oci18.c ulcase5.ctl
          aqjmskprb01.java cdemocp.sql demo_rdbms64.mk Message.java oci18.sql ulcase5.dat
          aqjmsREADME.txt cdemodp0.h demo_rdbms.mk mymdemo1.h oci19.c ulcase5.sql
          aqorademo01.java cdemodp.c dmabdemo.java nchdemo1.c oci19.sql ulcase6.ctl
          aqorademo02.java cdemodp.h dmabdemo.sql nlsdemo0.sql oci20.c ulcase6.dat
          aqoradmo.sql cdemodp_lip.c dmaidemo.java nlsdemo1.sql oci20.sql ulcase6.sql
          aqoradrp.sql cdemodr1.c dmaidemo.sql nlsdemo2.sql oci21.c ulcase7.ctl
          AQPropServlet.java cdemodr1.h dmapplydemo.java nlsdemo3.sql oci21.sql ulcase7.dat
          aqxml01.xml cdemodr1.sql dmardemo.java nlsdemo4.sql oci22.c ulcase7e.sql
          aqxml02.xml cdemodr2.c dmardemo.sql nlsdemo5.sql oci22.sql ulcase7s.sql
          aqxml03.xml cdemodr2.h dmdtdemo.sql o8demo.sql oci23.c ulcase8.ctl
          aqxml04.xml cdemodr2.sql dmdtxvlddemo.sql o8idemo.sql oci23.sql ulcase8.dat
          aqxml05.xml cdemodr3.c dmexpimpdemo.java obndra.c oci24.c ulcase8.sql
          aqxml06.xml cdemodr3.h dmglcdemo.java occiaqlis.cpp oci24.sql ulcase91.dat
          aqxml07.xml cdemodr3.sql dmglcdem.sql occiaqop.cpp oci25.c ulcase92.dat
          aqxml08.xml cdemodsa.c dmglrdemo.java occiaqop.typ oci25.sql ulcase93.dat
          aqxml09.xml cdemodsa.sql dmglrdem.sql occiblob.cpp ociaqarraydeq.c ulcase94.dat
          aqxml10.xml cdemodsc.c dmhpdemo.sql occiclob.cpp ociaqarrayenq.c ulcase95.dat
          aqxml.conf cdemodsc.h dmkmdemo.java occicoll.cpp ociaqdemo00.c ulcase96.dat
          aqxmldemo.ear cdemodt.c dmkmdemo.sql occidemod.sql ociaqdemo01.c ulcase9.ctl
          aqxmldmo.sql cdemoext.c dmnbdemo.java occidemo.sql ociaqdemo02.c ulcase9.sql
          aqxmldrp.sql cdemoext.dat dmnbdemo.sql occidesc.cpp oci_f.sed ulcase.sh
          aqxmlhtp.sql cdemofil.c dmnmdemo.java occidml.cpp oci_m.sed viewdemo.sql
          aqxmloc4j.cert cdemofo.c dmnmdemo.sql occiinh.cpp ociucb32.mk xademo1.sql
          aqxmlREADME.txt cdemofor.c dmocdemo.java occiinh.typ ociucb.c xademo2.sql
          blobdemo.dat cdemoin1.c dmocdemo.sql occilbar.cpp ociucb.mk xmlgen1.sql
          calldemo.sql cdemoin1.h dmpademo.java occimb1.cpp olsdemo.sql xmlgen2.sql
          Cars.java cdemoin1.sql dmshgrants.sql occimb1.sql olsdrp.sql xmltype1.sql
          case1.rcv cdemoin2.c dmsh.sql occiobj.cpp ori_f.sed xmltype2.sql
          case2.rcv cdemoin2.h dmsvcdemo.java occiobj.typ orl_f.sed xmltype3.java
          case3.rcv cdemoin2.sql dmsvcdem.sql occipobj.cpp orl_m.sed xmltype3.sql
          case4.rcv cdemoin3.c dmsvodemo.java occipobj.typ oro_f.sed xrwutl.sql
          cbdem1.cob cdemoin3.h dmsvodem.sql occipool.cpp oro_m.sed xstream
          cbdem2.cob cdemoin3.sql dmsvrdemo.java occiproc.cpp ort_f.sed xtdemo01.dat
          cbdem3.cob cdemol2l.c dmsvrdem.sql occiscp.cpp PERSON.java xtdemo01.sql
          cdcdemo.sql cdemolb2.c dmtreedemo.java occistre.cpp readpipe.c xtdemo02.sql
          cdemdp9i.sql cdemolb.c dmtxtfe.sql occiuni1.cpp resultcache.sql xtdemo03.dat
          cdemdpco.c cdemolb.dat dmtxtnmfdemo.java occiuni1.sql rman2.sh xtdemo03.sql
          cdemdpco.dat cdemolb.h dmtxtnmf.sql occiuni2.cpp ruldemo.sql xtdemo04.dat
          cdemdpin.c cdemolbs.c dmtxtsvmdemo.java occiuni2_hindi.txt sadv91.sql xtdemo04.sql
          cdemdpin.dat cdemolb.sql dmtxtsvm.sql occiuni2_japanese.txt sadvdemo.sql xtsetup.sql