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    Use of accounts and scalability ?

      Hi Experts,

      I would like to know how scalable accounts are in the content server.

      We have implemented systems where approx 1000 accounts were used without any performance issues.

      I would like to know if accounts can be scaled to a any number without any any performance issues (though its a maintenance nightmare) ?

      Please share your insights, it would good know if you have come across systems where large number of accounts were used.

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          Cordell Melgaard-Oracle
          The main thing to remember is that the sheer number of accounts is not the main security concern, it's the overall access to those accounts.

          For example, let's say you have 100 accounts in the system and each person only has access to 1 account each. Searches for content would then only need to query on each individual account

          "AND dDocAccount Matches "xxx""

          Likewise is the sysadmin does searches they are not restricted at all, so no additional security clause is added.

          However, if a manager does a search and they have visibility on 45 accounts then you can imagine what the security clause would be on that query?

          AND dDocAccount Matches, AND dDocAccount Matches, AND dDocAccount Matches, AND dDocAccount Matches, etc

          So the scalability is usually influenced by how much access will be needed to those accounts.
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            But do remember that the account permission is heirarchical so if you know that a person will need access to a bunch of accounts try to design the model so it will allow you to move that person up a level hence grant access to multiple accounts in a single dAccounts= statement.
            Also try to simplify access to information that is actually public in nature. Don't use it just to segregate content by say a department. Use a seperate metadata Element to designate the organization.
            Much of what most organizations have is actually public internally, or should be unless there is a compelling legal reason for it to be secret. So create a high level group like /Public that everyone has read access to and then creat sub accounts that their department can write to like Public/HR.
            But also remember that accounts is like a 30 character field so keep you design compact unless you intend to change the datatype.
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              Thanks for the explanation. It is helpful.