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    Bug when copying pages

      When copying pages, I noticed that page items used as column conditions do not get renumbered to the target page number. This can cause subtle bugs and swearing from developers.

      Just on this topic, not really a bug but a usability issue; surely the better default option, when copying a page from one app to another, for LOVs and other shared components which have corresponding components and matching names in the target app, would be "use existing".

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          What apex version are you on?
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            Sorry, I should have said: this occurs in apex version

            Although this has improved with each new version of apex, there are still a few places where the page number prefix does not get changed on page items. In addition to the above, I think it also omits to change item names in areas such as:
            - javascript functions defined in the page definition
            - region properties such as static id
            - region button names

            I think there are 1 or 2 others but cannot duplicate right now.