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    Storage solution help me

      hi iam new to storage dealing

      i want to store the data in a single place 50TB storage set up that shared data should be used by 10 computers (includes windows systems and mac systems) single file has to be used by 4 users at a time there should be no problem in sharing the data and speed to read the data and also all the 10 users has to have the control to read and write the data in the 50TB shared storage

      please help me what should be needed for the setup

      i want urgently

      thanks in advance
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          There is no universal answer to your question. It depends on your storage interface and where it can be attached to. Windows and Macs use different file systems, for instance. If you are planning on providing a typical or classic network storage, keep in mind that users cannot open a file that is already open by another user.
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            Can you give more information? What kind of file are you sharing that requires multiple connections. Samba is pretty universal for Windows and Mac but there are restrictions for some files to be opened at the same time. I have an old Foxpro app (that is being retired) lot of users using on a Samba share but security is out the window with old 16 bit apps. So samba is pretty easy to implement.

            As for storage hardware, Oracle has a storage array "Sun ZFS Storage 7120 Appliance" that I use in my datacenter and it works really good and is very easy to manage.
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              can you explain me what is typical or classic network storage i dont know much about it

              and also in file sharing we can open the file which is opened by one user, from another computer we can open the same file in network like that i asked

              thanks for your concern please help about this