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    Success message "Domain domain1 started” not logged when starting glassfish

      After installing Java EE6 SDK, I installed tutorial with update tool etc. As per Oracle documentation, I started glassfish using "asadmin start-domain --verbose". There was no error in logs but there was no success message too and the command did not end execution, control did not return to dos prompt. Last line in logs was "[#|2012-05-28T19:48:31.213+0530|INFO|glassfish3.1.2|javax.enterprise.system.jmx.org.glassfish.admin.mbeanserver|_ThreadID=40;_ThreadName=Thread-2;|JMX005: JMXStartupService had Started JMXConnector on JMXService URL service:jmx:rmi://WIN-PZ021TGFDU4:8686/jndi/rmi://WIN-PZ021TGFDU4:8686/jmxrmi|#]". Any idea what may have gone wrong? Am able to access server and admin console on 8080 and 4848 resp.