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    Unable to migrate mysql Stored procedures to Oracle

    S S K
      Hi All,

      I migrated mysql 5.1.42-enterprise-gpl-advanced DB to oracle using sqldeveloper 3.1.07 tool.

      DB objects migrated successfully except Stored Procedures.

      I verified .sql and Out files.. Capture process not captured stored procedures SQL.

      Could you please suggest, where I can verify exact error or how to fix this issue.

      Thanks in advance.

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          If you check the information about MySQL migrations here -


          it does not list stored procedures as being supported for migrations although I cannot see where this is explicitly documented elsewhere.
          You could try converting the MySQL stored procedures to Oracle syntax by using the Translation Scratch Editor from the main menu -

          - Tools
          - Migration
          - Translation Scratch Editor

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            We don't have SQL parser for MySQL in SQLDeveloper yet. So it cannot migrate views, stored procedures,tirggers in the current release. If you have significant number of views/procedures/triggers then you may want to consider commercially available tools for such migrations.