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    OIM 9102: Send Email Notification to other user in a task

      I created a process in OIM. In this process exist a Task: Manager Process. When this task will be completed for the user that be assigned. In the Notification Tab are able to send a email notification to a Assign User, Requester User, User or User Manager. But i need to send a email notification a other user different to them, for example: juan.perez, this user is in OIM.

      I have read the following documents:

      1.- http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E10391_01/doc.910/e10363/promgt.htm#BCECFGEJ

      2 .- How to Send an Email Notification Upon User Creation via the Admin Console [ID 780394.1]

      3.- OIM: An Example of Email Notification and Configuring it With a Resource Object Provisioning [ID 457836.1]

      4.- Sending an Approval Notification Email with a Link Directly to the Approval Request? [ID 748447.1]

      Or exist some way to do this, through java code.

      I'm using oim BP18 running on OC4J on AIX 6.1 64-bit clustered install with two nodes, Oracle Database on AIX 6.1 64-bit on RAC.
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          You can use OIM email API to send an email from the java code. You can attach code on post creation user using entity adapter. Every time a user is created the email is triggered.

          Here is the sample:

          public EmailUtility(tcDataProvider dataProvider) {

                    this.dataProvider = dataProvider;

                    emailOper = new tcEmailNotificationUtil(dataProvider);
                    System.out.println("Email API instantiated successfully...");


               public String sendEmail(String fromAddress, String toAddress, String body,
                         String subject) {

                    System.out.println("Email sent!" + subject);
                    return SUCCESS;