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    Reg : Auto Save Plugin

      Hello All,
      We have a scenario where after completion of the interview, session data should be saved in database.
      We are using OPA 10.4

      The below part is throwing error while registering plugin.
      public PlatformSessionPlugin getInstance(PlatformSessionRegisterArgs args) {
          if (args.getContext().getInterviewSession().getRulebase().getIdentifier().equals(
                  "ABCD") &&
               args.getContext().getInterviewSession()!=null) {
              return new AutoSaveTrigger();
      Error is as shown below:

      Caused by: java.lang.IncompatibleClassChangeError: Found interface com.oracle.determinations.web.platform.controller.SessionContext, but class was expected
      at com.oracle.determinations.interview.engine.userplugins.CTAutoSaveData.getInstance(CTAutoSaveData.java:63)
      ... 28 more

      but the same is working in OPA 10.3!!

      Please advice on above issue ASAP.


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          Brad Tuckett   ----Oracle
          It means exactly what it says - SessionContext is a class in OPA v10.3 and an interface in OPA v10.4 - this was changed as part of the OPA interview portlet implementation. You need to update your dependency jars files and recompile your plugin before it will work with OPA v10.4.
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            Linda P
            Hi Sri,

            In 10.4, the SessionContext class was replaced with a SessionContext interface. There is more information about this in the OPA developer help.

            If you recompile your plugin source code against the 10.4 runtime JARs, your plugin should work against 10.4.

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