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    Navigate Value Interaction not working with UNIONs displayed as pivot

      hi all - If created dozens of requests the uses drilling. Now I'm getting strange behavior in a certain scenario...
      I have a request that is a pivot view and contains UNIONs. One of the columns, employee name, is set up as 'Navigate' for the Value Interaction property. The request drilled to has employee name set up as 'Is Prompted' in the criteria.

      If the main request is displayed as a table view, the drilling works fine - the drilled to request opens with the intended employee that was clicked on in the main request. However, if the main request is a pivot view (which is the view I want) instead of a table view, the drilling does not work as intented - the drilled to request opens with all the employee names. I just want to drill on the clicked upon employee, not all the employees.
      I'm using OBIEE
      Any suggestions as to why this would work as a table view but not as a pivot view?