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    Data Model/ Data Set Design/Best Practice Question

      Hello. I am coming from a Java/Jdeveloper background and currently working on an application using BI Publisher and, to those who are familiar with JDeveloper, I am coming in with the notion that the Model project in JDeveloper is equivalent to the Data Model of BI Publisher.

      The BI Publisher application I am developing will host multiple reports - some of which are related/some are not. My question is, do I put them all as Data Sets under one data model or are they supposed to be grouped only under a data model if they are related?

      I ask this question because I am wondering if it will cause a significant performance issue in this scenario:

      I have three reports : A, B and C whose data sets are under one Data Model. They are three independent data sets.

      I only want to call Report A. Will BI Publisher also attempt to retrieve the data set from Report B and C as well even if I only called Report A because they are under the same Data Model?

      I hope my question is clear. Thanks.