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    Using FindOrder Webservice

      I need to find the orders which are in-progress on a given due-date.
      We are using FindOrder webservice by giving input as due date(which i had configured as flexible header) and passing as below.
      We had created the DueDate as DateTime format in DataDictionary.
      So what date format we need to give in the FindOrder WS Call , so that the it will give me all the orders on that date.

      Extract from FindOrder API :
      <!--You have a CHOICE of the next 2 items at this level-->
      <ord:EqualTo>Date Format</ord:EqualTo>

      Thanks in advance
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          Hi sinivasK,

          OSm find order service internaly use below date format(to date /from date).


          Try this format and please let me know, is it work or not.

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            Hi UJ,
            my date field in data dictionary is configured with data type 'date time'.
            When i give the date format as 2007-05-16T08:43:55.000-04:00, its failing to take the input.

            but i was able to get the order list in other way, by changing the data type of field to 'date', and then if i submit date format as 2007.05.16.00:00:00 , i was able to get the orders.
            So what would be the format of date we need to pass when the data type of field is set to 'date time'.

            This is the correct date time format osm recognizes, 2007-05-16T08:43:55.000-04:00, but its failing to give response.
            Might be this is Oracle Bug, some one from product team has to confirm this.

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              Hi we used the following on the xml api :

              2008-08-01T07:43:28 CEST

              Give it a try.