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    Forms Recognition Document level licensing


      In Forms Recognition Designer, after inserting a Base DocClass, when i click on "Classify/Analyze current document" or "Process Next document", i get this error from the System Licensing Service :
      "Cannot validate requested license. Document level licensing is not initialized",
      followed by "Error in InternalClassify, module Oracle Forms Recognition".

      In the Components Licensing Info tool, the Brainware Cairo CIDoc component license status is "License file corrupt".
      The licence file is called zCroDemo.lic containing "Licensing Period in Days = 30"

      I got this same error in Windows Seven 64 (French) and Windows 2008 Server R2 Enterprise (US/English), with and without administrator privileges for installing and launching the software.

      Oracle Support notes only refer to licensing errors during installation (1216725.1 and 1258694.1), not at runtime.

      Is zCroDemo.lic the right license file ? If not, how to get a development license ?

      Thanks and regards