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      Hi There,

      I wonder if anyone can help me, I am writing a game, I want to use an MP3 file in it, however everytime I go to play it, I get the error unrecongnised format.

      After some searching I have found that I am missing mp3plugin.jar.

      I have atttempted to download it from the oracle site but it keeps taking me to a page where the plugin does not exist.

      Does anyone have a copy that they can send me? Or know of an alternative site where I can get it?

      I have googled it and most links that promise the download often look to be dodgy or require money.

      Any help you can provide would be most appreciated.


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          You'll need three .jar files: JLayer, MP3SPI and Tritonus. You'll then have MP3 decode capability without having to rewrite any of your code.
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            Phil Freihofner
            You know that mp3 is a proprietary format and using it for a game may make you liable for a payment? Maybe it is a small enough project it will be overlooked. OGG/VORBIS is a reputedly better encoding system, and open source. You might give it a look.