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    update Enrolment user hook issue

      I am trying to update enrolments via the after update delegate booking user hook. in my procedure i want to update the enrolment authorizer id field and hence use the update enrolment api. However this results in the oaf page hanging.

      The user hook is firing but hanging. i think it might have something to do with the ovn that is being passed to the api. It for e.g is passing ovn 6 when i query the table the ovn is 5. maybe as my procedure is executed after the enrolment is updated by a commit has not taken place this may be causing the conflict. not quite sure what to do about this as i can't have a commit in my procedure.

      Any advice...

      The user hook works with the after create delegate booking user hook and there are no issues with the ovn's.

      was considering raising a sr with oracle as the api itself is causing an issue....But really wanted to do this as a last resort....

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