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    How is ATG-Data utilized with weblogic compared to Jboss?


      I have expertise with ATG on Jboss and am new to WebLogic. So far so good but I have a few questions that I have not been able to answer on my own.

      How does WebLogic handle ATG-Data? I have set the server start options within config.xml for each instance - the java options for module list, server name, atg data directory location and memory requirements as I normally do with the run.conf for jboss. However, nothing gets populated in the ATG-Data directory when starting up the servers. On set runassembler with standalone and liveconfig on as well. (understanding that i can use pack and standalone together with weblogic).

      Any ideas what I could be missing?


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          Hi ,

          ATG-Data can be used to store logs , and more importantly server specific customization of ATG components ( layering ).

          Try to change some component configuration using ACC , it will create corresponding property file in ATG-Data/localconfig folder.

          Can be used to store details which vary from server to server , eg : various connection settings , ATG components settings which may vary , eg - some category Id....

          ~ Praveer
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            Hello Praveer,

            I know what ATG-Data is used for which was not my question. I use the ATG-Data directory particularly on staging and production environments as the last configuration layer where I control the environment configurations such as lock management, scenario manager etc - configurations that change from environment to environment.

            My question is about how to utilize this with WebLogic. I have been testing on my Linux box but I can't seem to get the application to use /opt/Oracle/ATG-Data/servers/ instead of /opt/ATG/ATG10.0.3/home/servers/

            I have added the following to config.xml for prod and pub:

            Adding this to the instances run.conf in jboss is all that was needed to get this to work using jboss. But doesn't seem to be the case with WebLogic.

            Also, why is it that with WebLogic we can't do both pack and standalone runassembler options?

            Anyone with ATG on WebLogic infrastructure experience to answer my question?


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              OK I got ATG-Data directory working as I was expecting. Seems CIM was my hindrance. I scrapped the managed servers that CIM created for me and recreated them from admin console and then redeployed the -standalone ears using nostage deployment plan.

              With this I now get ATG-Data directory where I wanted it: /opt/Oracle/ATG-Data/servers/store-a/localconfig (last entry for config layer in the store-a.out log)
              This ATG-Data directory is configured in the domains config.xml for server-start arguments under the managed server group.
              -Xms1280m -Xmx1280m -Xmn256m -XX:PermSize=512m -Datg.dynamo.data-dir=/opt/Oracle/ATG-Data -Datg.dynamo.server.name=store-a

              This is progress!

              However, the module list shows all modules that were applied during runassembler for that atg server in the log - I am unable to override the module startup list with -Datg.dynamo.modules= within server start arguments.
              The reason I want to override the list is because I prefer to use the same ATGProduction ear for lock manager and procedit servers without requirement them to load all the modules that were assembled in the ear.

              I appreciate any tips or suggestions for best practices!