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    oc12c installation thoughts

      To whomever is deploying OOC 12c (and packaging it).

      I have to say I really appreciate getting 12c out so we can get our hands on it and start using a great tool
      however, I've notice the following issues with the 12c installation files/process.

      1) The documentation files which are extracted underneath the "xvmoc_full_bundle/documentation" folder is all 11g and not 12c.

      2) The ldoms 2.1 patch (147507) is at revision 02 and not 03
      Download 147507-03.zip
      $ scp 147507-03.zip root@<host>:/var/js/patch/ldom/
      $ ssh <host>
      # cd /var/js/patch/ldom; unzip 147507-03.zip

      3) The ldoms 2.1 patch isn't in the JET patch.matrix file
      So it won't actually patch the LDOM (/opt/SUNWjet/Products/ldom/patch.matrix)
      # vi /opt/SUNWjet/Products/ldom/patch.matrix

      4) CPU patchsets won't be applied during OS provisioning.
      Have you noticed that patches in the CPU patchsets live in a "patches/" directory. JET won't apply these patches as JET doesn't look in this directory.
      To resolve this issue, do the following:
      # cp -p /opt/SUNWjet/Utils/lib/JS_install_patchclust /opt/SUNWjet/Utils/lib/JS_install_patchclust.orig
      # vi /opt/SUNWjet/Utils/lib/JS_install_patchclust
      "Search for"
      if [ ! -d "${mediadir}/${JS_PATCHID}" ]; then
      JS_warning "JS_install_patchclust:\t\tUnable to locate patch $JS_PATCHID"
      "Replace with"
      # CORRECT PATCH DIRECTORY - 10_Recommended/patches dir Vs OLD 10_Recommended dir - lincolns
      if [ -d "${mediadir}/patches/${JS_PATCHID}" ]; then
      if [ ! -d "${mediadir}/${JS_PATCHID}" ]; then
      JS_warning "JS_install_patchclust:\t\tUnable to locate patch $JS_PATCHID"
      5) Obviously LDOMs 2.2 isn't released (yet), so its un-usable.

      Anyone else notice anything else

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          Have you tried to upload ISO images or firmware images into the local library for ops center 12c?

          I'm using 12c on solaris 10 and these jobs just fail with no explanation.

          I'm also having an issue with a cron job that's looking for a JAVA_HOME that doesn't exist.
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            I have 12c up and running.
            Few things I have noticed. Reading 12c doc in places does not correlate to the install.
            I am having a lot of trouble finding 12c solutions when doing searches as many things resolve to 11g.
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              RE: ISO images.

              I've noticed that uploading ISO images can timeout.
              I've found that the "import image" was the fastest way to get it into OC. Its local on the server and takes affect in 2mins.
              We are also letting OC download the firmware for us, and the firmware update Job seems to do this nicely (and give a plan to execute)

              RE: 12c job failures with no explanation.

              We also see no many errors in OC, but we've learnt to find that the last sub-[art of a job generally has the best error to help you go through the OC logs (or system logs) to help tracking down the issue.

              hhmmm..... haven't come across the JAVA_HOME issue yet.

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