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    Example from "getting started"

      Hi folks!
      Is there anybody out there who succeeded in running the Getting Started example from OTN.

      Main problem is that I cannot add groups and devices with a right click.
      I am trying to modify the edgeserver.xml file to reflect the settings shown in the "HandsOnSession.pdf" but this is a tedious task.

      Hope that anybody can shed some light on this.

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          Ok, after some trial and error I've got it working.
          But if this should get me started....
          This seems more like a quick hack that development had to throw in to demo that there is actually something running.

          I'd like to hear from folks who did some real stuff.
          Next stage for me is to get all the lights in the demo working and then do something with the data.

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            Did you get to turn on all the lights??

            in the light_rule.sql we have this line:

            dbms_lob.compare(tab.user_data.id,''03ffffff40ff6004'',16,1,1) = 0'

            does this mean that when It founds that tag it turn the light green on?

            I tried to put this on the simulation.xml but didn't work..
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              Hi Marcus!
              Add another rule like:

              ruleName => 'light_trigger_green',
              condition => 'dbms_lob.compare(tab.user_data.id,''03ffffff40ff6005'',16,1,1) = 0',
              param => 'trigger_light.light_up_green',
              command => 'call');
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                I create the other triggers and all lights are running :)

                Do you have any driver that reads Serial devices?
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                  Hi Marcos!
                  Good to hear that this helped.
                  No, I have no driver for a serial device.

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                    Hi Folks!
                    Following the steps mentioned in the hands on I got the edge server running but was unable to turn the red light on.My first question is : In the hands on its shown that the driver for the Simulator is "InternalSim" but the Edge Server drop down list does not show anything like InternalSim.What it shows is "EDGE Simulator Driver".Are they the same?
                    Secondly when I start the edge server both my devices stack and simulator are UP but in the Dispatcher Tab there is an error :"JMS Connection error:oracle.jms.AQjmsException: Io exception: NL Exception was generated"
                    Can anybody help out?