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    Convert Solaris 10 Zones into a Logical Domain

      I am in the process of building a Solaris 10 server on a T3-2 server. I am installing the 8/11 update of Solaris 10 and will be installing OVM for SPARC v2.2 on the server to migrate our older physical servers to Logical Domains. Currently we are running a number of Solaris Zones on Solaris 10 servers. Instead of creating a Logical Domain for each of the physical servers with zones on them, I want to convert each of the zones into a logical domain. The zones are running on SunFire V890s and SunFire V440 servers. They are running the 10/09 update of Solaris 10 that has been patched to the latest kernel level, 147440-15. Can anyone guide me in an appropriate procedure to build the logical domains? Thanks.