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    Hyperion Planning Error

      Hi all

      I dont know if i am posting this in right place but i really need help with my planning error. When ever i try to log into Hyperion Planning i am getting an error says "AN ERROR OCCURED" i have tried restarting the services and it dint help. when i checked the log file for error here is what i got

      <May 30, 2012 10:39:36 AM EDT> <Warning> <JMX> <VHYPEPMA> <Planning0> <DmsThread-1> <<WLS Kernel>> <> <0000JUJF_g9FW7G6yz7i6G1FkqFi000000> <1338388776905> <BEA-149515> <An error was encountered getting the attribute DatabaseProductVersion on the MBean com.bea:ServerRuntime=Planning0,Name=EPMSystemRegistry,Type=JDBCDataSourceRuntime during a call to getAttributes>

      This is out of my knowledge but i would really appericiate if anyone can help me here.