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    Question on how to pay for Calendar Licenses Renewals

      Good Evening,
      I know that this isn't the proper place, but frustration has set in.

      I have been trying for over 6 months to find someone who could sent me a quote for my Calendar Server license renewals that expired over the last 6 months. If Oracle/Sun doesn't want my money and wants me to use their products for free, I'm OK with that. But I sure that others would want the same thing.

      I have be in contact with 3 different people from Oracle/Sun in the past 6 months and every time, I'm promised that I will get a quote or they will get someone to contact me to get the quote. We have even had a conference call to discuss and still nothing.

      I hoping that someone from Oracle/Sun will contact us so that we can get this taken care of. There is no reason that it has carried on for this long.