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    Where to find info about JNDI and Glassfish 3.1.2?


      i am searching already long time to find information on how to find e.g. an EntityManagerFactory using JNDI and an Glassfish server.
      Can anybody point me to some useable documentation? The GF admin and developer and deployment guide as well as the reference
      does not provide a lot of information. They write about general JNDI topics, how to configure data sources, that JNDI can be used to
      lookup resources and the like, on other places people write about, hey, lookup the EntityManagerFactory for your persistence unit
      (persistence.xml), but i am not able to find what JNDI names i can lookup and where and how i can find out what JNDI names are
      available in my server at all.

      Thanks for any hint,