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    Oracle Clusterware Vs AIX PowerHA

      We are migrating our 11gR2 Database to AIX environment and we want DB with cold failover capability. I was reading in the threads that we can use oracle clusterware for failover. Could you please clarify the following:-
      Do we need to get additional licenses to use Oracle clusterware for cold failover?.
      Is it mandatory to use ASM when we use oracle clusterware?.
      Which is better AIX PowerHA or Oracle clusterware for cold failover of Oracle DB?.

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          Marko Sutic
          Hello Biju,

          you don't need additional licenses for Oracle clusterware if you're going to cold failover. But you must have licenses for Oracle databases.

          I think that Oracle recommends ASM but you can also use OCFS2 as shared disk file system. We're currently using OCFS2 which is very easy to configure and manage.
          If you are more familiar with ASM than I would recommend ASM for your configuration.

          I don't know if Oracle Custerware is better than AIC PowerHA as I've never used AIX PowerHA.
          Oracle Clusterware comes along at no extra-cost with Oracle Database or Oracle Unbreakable Linux so you don't have to pay additional licenses. Oracle Clusterware is required infrastructure for Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) so I believe that it's very polished and stable. Also, there is big community to get help if you run into various problems.