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    Want Supplemental ISO 2.(latest) for (still strong) w1100z

      Where can I download CD image for latest supplemental ISO, including BIOS to support memory expansion?

      Currently at: BIOS R01-A5 S1 06/07/2004

      This BIOS maxes out at 2GB main memory. (Black screen of death if DIMMs pushed past 2GB.)

      Sun docs say BIOS upgrade is needed. Presumably there is a supplemental ISO available on Oracle Tech support. However, I cannot find one. I do not want to risk going to a 3rd party bios scanner.

      If there is no Oracle download, can someone kindly put one into the cloud for me? Anonymous FTP would be fine. If you tell me its a good bios, I will probably believe you.

      -- Dan (Old Fool)
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          Sun W2100z/1100z Workstations Supplemental CD 2.5 Image Contents:
          Bios Version R01-B5 S1

          Available as patch 10275938

          Support contract required for download.

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            Okay. How do I purchase a support contract from Oracle for my Sun hardware at a reasonable cost? Or, more directly, how can I just purchase this patch alone, image or CD? (Or find a generic BIOS.)

            I bought my w1100z from Sun in 2004. This system still works great except that 2GB is no longer adequate for multimedia streaming. The w1100z was advertised by Sun in 2004 as supporting 8GB, once 2GB DRAMs became available. Now they are available. Last week, I purchased 4x2GB DRAMs only to find that 3 of these cannot be installed UNLESS I upgrade the BIOS. Fair enough, I will upgrade the BIOS, but that upgrade should be free under the original sale. I bought this system partly on the assurance that the hardware would support, as purchased, 8GB.

            I did NOT purchase a service contract from Sun when I bought the w1100z. Didn't need to. The hardware has been quite reliable. Lots of Linux distros for it. Possible memory upgrades in the future, self installed and unsupported, seemed part of the original I purchased, even without a support contract.

            Up until recently, Sun posted free downloads for supplemental CD images (so it appeared). I had no need to do a BIOS upgrade until last week. Now I cannot get the download that Sun used to offer gratis unless I pay up. I guess it all depends how much I would need to pay for a brand new contract on 8 year-old gear. Am I supposed to call Support Sales just to get a quote for a one-time download?

            A BIOS patch, at downloader's risk, is not "support" in my book. Industry standard policy is for systems vendors to post BIOS images, as vendor may choose, in order to fulfill customer expectations under advertised capabilities of the purchased system.

            -- Dan