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    new guy - agent controller installation issues

      I'm attempting to add the agent controllers on various hosts into the Ops Center console(12c). Whenever I perform an an "Add Assets" function during the NetworkEvaluation portion of the job the result is

      +"Failed to find a network matching the discovery IP for this target before timeout. (10208)+

      The job is itself a success though.

      I had to add a managed network to get the network itself to show up as a managed network to hopefully discover the host which resides there.

      I have went through the documentation and have a case opened with oracle support, but still have not figured this out yet.
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          For an agent controller installation I followed the procedure at http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E27363_01/doc.121/e27511/asset_mgmt.htm#autoId4
          "To Manually Install and Configure an Agent Controller Using a Token"

          I used the oc doctor scripts to verify my pre-reqs and the --troubleshoot for post installation. sc-console list-connections does show a an scn-agent connection over port 21165 as expected. However, this procedure did not add the host into the console(BUI?) under the Assets section.

          svcs -a | grep scn
          disabled May_21 svc:/application/scn/singleuser-agent:default
          online 10:09:53 svc:/application/management/common-agent-container-1:scn-agent
          online 10:10:02 svc:/application/scn/update-agent:default

          At this point under the networks section in the BUI if I expand "default" I only see 4 networks. None of which are the the subnet in which this host resides. "Sometimes" I can manually add in the network by selecting default on the left..using the "Manage Network" on the right.. and filling out the wizard. When it does "work" I get an error stating that the pc cannot verify network reachability(or something similar), but the network does show up on the left under the default heading. 4 times out of 5 it simply does not work and I get an immediate error message stating that it "Failed to create job".

          I have made countless attempts to "Add Asset" while the network is present. I keep on receiving the msg I first posted..
          "Failed to find a network matching the discovery IP for this target before timeout. (10208)

          I have messed with editing the "managed ip ranges" and "allocate ip" menu's, but my existing networks that are working do not have entries for those fields.

          In reality I am not certain I am even doing this correctly, but I would expect you could simply "Add an Asset" and as long as there is connectivity with open ports, proper authentication and rights, and functioning name resolution then the pc would discover a properly working agent and add it as an asset. Or even if you performed a client installation along with the agentadm configure with the proper options pointing to the pc then that should work as well...

          Side note.. 1 PC installed on the same node as the EC on subnet A. I have a couple of other functioning agents on subnets A and B that do appear in the BUI. The agents I am having problems with are on C and D. I have connectivity and have had my network team verify against ports documented at the bottom of this page...