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    64bit OraOLEDB failed when calling stored procedure with Ref Cursor

      Hi everyone,

      I used the ADO VB sample provided with the Oracle 10g provider installation.
      But I compiled it in 64bit Visual Studio 2005 and ran on Windows 2003 x64 server.
      The function call "cmd.Execute" when it is trying to call a stored procedure which has an Out Ref Cursor parameter. The exception is

      "PLS-00306: wrong number or types arguments in call"

      I already set the property "PLSQLRSet" to true. But it doesn't help.

      The same code works if I compiled in 32 bit.
      It also works if the stored procedure does not have Ref Cursor parameter.

      I am guessing this is a bug in the 64bit Oracle provider. Anyone can confirm this please? or am I missing anything?