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    Answers On Demand - Self Reference

    Charles Dubant[eFrontech]
      Hi Everybody,

      I'm trying to create a list in Oracle Answers On Demand (integrated with CRMOD).

      There is this Custom Object 05 which contains a snapshot of Opportunity data, and I have these 3 Oppty attributes "Header", "Intermediate" and "Detailed".
      On each "Detailed" record, I have the "Header ID".

      In the list I create, I want to list every "Detailed" line (This is OK) and then group them with "Header" attributes at the beginning of each line (This is where things go wrong).

      I have the following order of columns in my list :

      and I want the Status, Name and Owner from "Header", and Type and Revenue from "Detailed".

      I tried several things ranging from CASE WHEN statements to basic SQL like column formula (which apparently doesn't work).

      The worst part of it is that this kind of thing can be done in less than 5' in SQL but I don't manage to do it in Answers On Demand.

      Thanks in advance for your help !