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    Integration with Peoplesoft - Create Requisition in EBS through webservice

      We have the following requirement - We have a VMS (Vendor Management System) built using Peoplesoft. We have customers who are using Oracle EBS, who login to our system in several ways. we are now trying to implement Oracle EBS and our customers integrating the data into their system. One way is iProc which is straight forward.

      The second method is the customers are going to login to our system and they want to integrate the data into their system.

      I would like to know if we have a webservice in EBS, which can consume data from Peoplesoft and create requisitions in EBS.

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          1) Once searching on the integrations repository, click on Requisition Service (Internal Name: oracle.apps.po.services.poxrqerq.POXRQERQServices_DocStyle)
          2) This will open Java Details : Requisition Service
          3) Under the "Web Service - SOA Provider" check if the Web Service Status is set to "Generated" (else click on the Regenerate WSDL on the top right of the page). Click on View WSDL
          4) Navigate to the following XSD documents which have comprehensive comments under the relevant tags.

          http://<server>:<port>/webservices/SOAProvider/java/oracle/apps/po/services/poxrqerq/POXRQERQServices_DocStyle/?wsdl - WSDL link



          http://<server>:<port>/webservices/SOAProvider/java/oracle/apps/po/services/poxrqerq/POXRQERQServices_DocStyle/POXRQERQ_ABO.xsd (Has the documentation)

          Please replace <server>:<port> to reflect each customer installation.

          Can be created a WSDL client proxy to invoke the WebService passing in the right XML confirming to the XSD or call it via other popular tools like SOAPUI.