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    Installing Firefox on Solaris.

      Hello all, I am sorry if this is not the right place to post, but I am extremely new to Solaris and I need help.

      I recently installed Solaris 10 on VMWare to check it out and when I fired Firefox up it told me it was out-of-date and that I should upgrade and so I got the tar.bz2 package and I wasn't sure how to install and so I googled... I am quite familiar with using the Terminal in Ubuntu, but of course, they aren't the same. I found a page with someone explaining how to upgrade and I followed his steps by step and when I tried to open it would start to open and then just quit with no error messages or anything. Can someone lead me in the right direction of uninstalling, re installing or upgrading or whatever I need to do to fix this? Maybe a good quick guide for terminal commands as well? Thank you for any help.
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          Did you download it from the ftp site, such as:


          There is a readme there that explains the details on how to install:


          Meanwhile, a couple of points:

          You don't need to upgrade at all. The version that came with Solaris 10 is fully functional and compatible.
          Solaris commands are very similar to Linux commands. It's unclear what help you would need with terminal commands.

          -- Alan
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            OK thank you, well, I tried commands like sudo and help and it was saying commands not recognized etc...
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              Hi, I followed the instruction below and it worked for me ::
              This directory contains Solaris builds of Firefox 3.6.16,
              which are contributed by Oracle Solaris Desktop Beijing Team.
              If you have any problem with these builds, please send email to 
              desktop dash discuss at opensolaris dot org
              * Tarball format
              Extract the tarball to a proper location[1]
              $ bzip2 -dc <tarball basename>.tar.bz2 | tar -xf -
              [1]: Make sure there is no firefox directory there before you 
              extract the tarball, it's not recommended to just overwrite the old 
              firefox directory.
              * Pkgadd format
              1, First uncompress the zip file
              $ bzip2 -d <zip file basename>.bz2 
              You will get a package datastream file named <zip file basename>
              2, Install the package as root
              # pkgadd -d ./<zip file basename>
              The default install location would be /opt/sfw/lib/firefox
              To Enable Java:
              cd /path/to/<install location>/plugins
              ln -s /path/to/<jave home>/lib/<sparc|i386>/libnpjp2.so
              To Enable Flash Player:
              1, Download the Flash Player plugin from
              2, Extract the tarball and place the files under
              /path/to/<install location>/plugins
              To Run The Application:
              a, Execute the application by specifying the absolute path 
              $ /path/to/<install location>/firefox
              b, Add <install location> to your PATH and execute "firefox"
              c, Add the desktop file and start from menu(pkgadd format only)
              # cat >/usr/share/applications/firefox.desktop<<EOF
              [Desktop Entry]
              Exec=/path/to/<install location>/firefox
              TryExec=/path/to/<install location>/firefox
              Icon=/path/to/<install location>/icons/mozicon50.xpm
              * If you could not start up the application or encounter some 
              unexpected crash, try to do this,
              1, Rename the profile directory("$HOME/.mozilla" for Mozilla suite, 
              "$HOME/.mozilla/firefox" for Firefox and "$HOME/.thunderbird" for 
              2, Start up the application without importing anything
              * For Solaris 10 users, if you have font display problems or crashes with some pages.
              Please apply the fontconfig and Freetype patch.
              #138353, #119813 (x86)
              #138352, #119812 (SPARC)
              You can download them at http://sunsolve.sun.com
              ... although, of course, since Sun is no longer, the Sunsolve site is also gone ...
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                You don't really upgrade firefox on Solaris. You instead reinstall it. I have listed some helpful links below. The 1st link is on my blog, so this is how I install it.
                If you would like to use solaris packages insead of the tar.bz2 file, unixpackages.com has Solaris packages you can use instead.

                Here are some sites that tell you how to install firefox.

                You can download firefox from the sites below. I recomend the 1st link.