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    Download search result in Excel sheet

      hello Experts ,

      I am working on UCM 11g.

      We have a search template which helps us to search on UCM. I have to extract our search result in MS excel sheet. Could you please suggest the easiest way for it?

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          Srinath Menon-Oracle
          Hi ,

          If you enable Record Management feature and set it to Standalone mode then the option to download search results in PDF (that is the only one I have checked) is available .

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            In Bex's book there is an example that does exactly this. It is placed in chapter 8. It is about UCM 10 g, but if you find the resources that should be overwritten to show the link in menu bar it will work perfect in UCM 11g

            Hope it helps
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              I have been trying to create the following component from BEX's book, which creates an extra value on a drop down to export search resullts to a CSV file:

              <@dynamichtml custom_searchapi_result_options@>
              <$include super.custom_searchapi_result_options$>
              <option value="window.location='<$HttpCgiPath$>?<$QUERY_STRING
              Download Spreadsheet</option>

              <@dynamichtml spreadsheet_search_results@>
              Title,Author,Date,Security Group,Content ID,Content Type
              <$loop SearchResults$><$dDocTitle$>,<$dDocAuthor$>,<$dInDate

              As this drop down is now different in UCM 10gR3 this no longer appears to work (I get an error when adding these as a resource file) I presume I need change this include "$include super.custom_searchapi_result_options". How do I find out which include to use? I am quite new to creating custom components.

              Thanks for your help,
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                Bex Huff 's book gave the solution. Thanks for pointing me to the exact chapter.
                Now I can download the excel sheet.

                But, it has only 50 max rows. :(

                We have below string which creates the URL and takes the searched query.

                I have observed, it has a "ResultCount=50". Can we increase it ???? I need to configure it for 2k ResultCount.