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    Any samples for using JMX for displaying cluster statistics 3.6 ?


      Our Coherence 3.6 cluster is configured in the WLS domain and controlled using WLS node manager. This is all working well. We have created a WLS console extension to show the actual live cluster topology (rather than the configured topology) so we can ensure all the domains are configured correctly and there are no nodes in the cluster that there should not be (we have many domains/environments).

      I can show basic cluster statistics and show the members etc using the CacheFactory. But for each cluster member I would like to show if it is storage enabled and free memory and other statistics. I was expecting to get that from the Member or Cluster objects returned from the CacheFactory methods but it seems not. It seems that JMX is the way to go. Does anyone have any sample JMX code they might share that would connect to the cluster and retrieve stats and info that is not available from the CacheFactory api ?.