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    Running ATG CRS from Eclipse


      I am new to ATG technology. I am learning it currently by self. I have installed ATG10.0.3 and CommerceReferenceStore on my Windows machine. Also I have copied the ATG plugins to my Ecilpse Europa from another machine. I want to import the CommerceReferenceStore as an Eclipse project and be able to make some changes and view the results. I am stuck at this point. I do not know how to import the CRS code into Eclipse. Also how do I run CRS from Eclipse ? Kindly provide your inputs.

      R. Babu
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          You can import CRS as Java Project but then you wont be able to use ATG plugins(ATG plugins were not very helpful to me). As to be able to see your changes in java i think you need to write some ANT build script.
          Hope this helps.

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            Suresh Repalle

            To refer the CRS code you can import the CRS project into Eclipse by adding the .project file to that project.

            basically the .project file contains:

            <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

            copy this .project file inside CommerceReferenceStore module folder.

            if you want to do any changes in CRS application then it is better to create a new module which extends the CRS module then add your extensions inside that new module and you can build and run this new module.