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    MS-RDP black screen connecting to VDI

      I just finished configuring a new install of VDA 3.4. Everything went well, no issues. VDI runs on a OEL 5.7 box, and VBox is running on a secondary OEL 5.7 box. I have one XP install, one Pool and one user accessed via LDAP. I've setup the pool and the XP vm (bridged) for host networking and Windows RDP. I've setup the user to be assigned to the pool and the desktop. I can see the desktop console within the VDI admin website. I have no firewall or port issues.

      When I attempt to connect via MS-RDP all I get is a black screen, and eventually a timeout/failure. Looking at the cacao logs, it shows the access to the desktop...

      Successfully started
      Waiting for VirtualBox addtions
      VirtualBox additions running
      Waiting for IP address
      Got IP address
      Waiting for RDP connection...

      and then...many minutes later

      Error preparing desktop for use....Timeout expired waiting for RDP connection on desktop
      Attempting to change state...

      and then the MS-RDP client finally comes back with an error. BTW, the same log messages are posted when using vda-client -u myuser.

      Any ideas why it wont finish the connection?

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          Hi Ron,

          This suggested that the desktop assigned to the the user does not have the RDP service enabled (which should have been enabled in the template if cloned from one), or there may be a firewall/routing issue between the SunRay server the user is connected to (if using Sun Ray Client).

          Note that the desktop console view used by the VDI admin console is using VRDP, so this is not dependent on the MS-RDP service running on the Xp desktop.

          It could also perhaps be an issue where the user you are using does not have RDP access, which could point to a AD policy setting if using AD, etc.

          Try connecting to the VM IP address directly using a rdesktop or microsoft client to see if the problem is with the XP desktop itself or not.


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            Sorry...ignore above post...I fixed it.

            Removed Desktop, Removed Pool

            Re-created pool as Flexible, Host Networking, VirtualBox RDP (I think selecting windows RDB the first time was the real issue).

            Imported desktop, imported template...

            MS-RDP to VDI machine...with credentials; works like a charm

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              Interesting, in VDI 3.3, MS-RDP was only a Pool option if you had "Host Networking" selected.
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                In 3.4, in the network section for Pools, there are two radio buttons for Network interface

                Host Network <- I selected this one

                and then

                two radio buttons for Desktop Protocol

                VirtualBox RDP <- I selected this one
                Windows RDP