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    Muli Tier Installation of R


      Is a multi tier install (Separate Database Tier and a separate presentation layer) possible. These two tiers are separated by a firewall. The presentation layer will be open to the internet for users to access over the web.Is there any documentation available guiding on a multi-tier installation.

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          Oracle R Enterprise does not provide an out-of-the-box web interface, but you could use the open source RStudio Server to provide the web interface.

          I don't know of any formal documentation, but this is what you could do...

          1.Start with the database server and install R and ORE on the database server.
          2.On the database server, invoke command line R and ensure you can connect to ORE (try ore.ls() and ore.doEval(...) ).
          3.Then move on to the presentation server. Install R and the ORE client libraries (including the oracle database client).
          4.On the presentation server, verify that you can connect to the database. (try tnsping or sqlplus)
          5.On the presentation server, invoke command line R and ensure you can connect to ORE (try ore.ls() )
          6.On the presentation server, install RStudio Server.
          7.from a browser, invoke RStudio Server. Ensure you can connect to ORE (try ore.ls() )

          You might need to tinker with Rstudio's startup/environment files to ensure that the Oracle database client environment is setup (for instance, on linux Rstudio needs to have the Oracle_Home in the library path in its environment. If you setup rstudio to run as a service, the proper environment is likely not going to happen by default).