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    Weblogic application roles not visible


      We are trying to grant a weblogic account the application role BPMWorkflowAdmin using the enterprise manager of the SOA Suite 11g. This works without problems on a non-clustered environment. However, in our clustered environment we cannot see the application roles. When we try to select the Application Stripe, the drop-down list doesn't show any values. Has anybody a clue what is going on?

      Regards, Jeroen
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          We are also facing the same problem.
          When deployed in Admin Server the roles are visible, but when tried to deploy in cluster we are not able to view the roles.
          Attempted to deploy the application in one of the cluster server only, Yet was a failure.

          Kindly let us know if some one faced the same issue and if there is any fix for this.

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            Kishore Rout
            It is a known issue that file based identity and policy stores will run into synchronization issues in a clustered environment. To avoid this you have to setup the environment using
            1. Shared file system as per the documentation below:

            2. Use database or LDAP based identity and policy store

            Please review below metalink id and document for the same issue.
            Roles Missing in system-jazn-data.xml in Node of Cluster [ID 1467202.1] :this suggests to use a centralized LDAP-based or database security store in cluster environment

            Oracle Docuementation reference: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E21764_01/core.1111/e10043/cfgauthr.htm#CHDEFHHA

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