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      We are looking at rolling up nutrition figures from the ingredients. When we first set up the system in V5 we hardcoded nutrition figures in the nutrient profiles. We have since migrated to Version 6 and have the following questions:

      •     Where is the data coming from that is in the override and specification column? Most of our specs hadn’t been through DWB before we migrated to Version 6. Therefore would these figures be from the nutrient profiles that were attached to the old process specs?

      •     The values in the override and specification column are not updating from the theoretical column. Can we automatically get this to flow through or can we somehow select which column (theoretical or override) this data comes from?

      •     Is it possible to clear out the values from the override and specification columns so that when we refresh the specs the theoreticals automatically flow through?
      Our concern is the amount of time it would take to manually update the override column. We would prefer the theoreticals just flow through.

      •     If an ingredient is present in the formulation but has no quantity against it this is being flagged as an error in the nutrition roll up. Is it possible to have this warning removed? We have ingredients such as citric acid in the formulation that we don’t specify a quantity for as we only use it as required.

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          One of the requirements to running the migrator was that each Process spec had at most one active Nutrient Profile. During migration the items within this active Nutrient Profile were copied to the Output's nutrient items collection one by one. These values became the values specified in the Override column of the Formulation output.

          In addition to this, each Process spec had a list of inputs defined (either Ingredient's or other Process specs). Each one of these inputs was mapped to a Formulation Input; Ingredient's were added as raw material Inputs to the Formulation, Process specs were mapped to Formulation specs and in these cases the Output Material was used. When a Formulation spec is saved, theoretical data for the Output is generated based on input quantities for each material.

          I'm not sure I understand your second question, but when a Formulation spec is marked as "Is Designable", then when a Formulation spec is saved the output values are pushed to the Output Material. If an override value is specified, then that value will get pushed. If not, then the theoretical value will be pushed to the Material. I don't know offhand what the Specification column is for, but I would guess that it's the value on the Output Material.

          There is no quick, easy, and safe way to drop the theoretical values. However, if we are willing to drop the "safe" constraint, we could remove the override values from the database using scripts.

          As for your final question, I don't really have a good response for you. Hopefully one of the other forum aficionados can take this one.

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            Hi Belinda.
            Would you give me a example of why you would have citric acid in the formula if it is not required. Why not just remove it? I'd like to understand this use case.
            When it is needed it is another formula.
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              Thanks Daniel,

              If we were willing to drop the "safe" constraint what would be involved with getting the scripts? If you could let me know the process and roughly how long it would take that would be great. I'm not sure we definitely need it yet but I just need an idea of timings if we do want to go ahead.

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                We add citric acid to the formula so our production people know they can use it to adjust the pH of the product. Due to the seasonal variation of our ingredients we sometimes need to adjust the pH. We don't specify an amount because it isn't always added and if it is needed it is just added as required to get the pH in spec.
                In addition we add it to formulations because we want citric acid to come out in the LIO which I recently discovered will require a quantity to do so. We will need to look at this in house and will possibly assign a small quantity to this ingredient in the formulations.
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                  Thanks for your answer.
                  We would not be able to provide a custom script to remove the override values. It's possible that a knowledgeable partner could do this.
                  If you do go down this path, please back up your DB and perform a lot of testing, since this is not something that is supported.