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    sqlnet.ora file trace

      i am trying to configure the tracing on the database server to test. I have added the trace_level_client=10, trace_file_clint=sqlnet.trc and trace_directory_client=oracle_home...
      my question is when i login to database server and from sqlplus when i execute queries it produces the sqlnet.trc files into the trace directory. But when i login from my workstation(client) from sqlplus it is not producing the sqlnet.trc files to the directory? is that how it supposed to work? I was reading the oracle documentation and googling but could not find...
      Thank for help.
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          gdarling - oracle
          You need to set trace_level_client, etc, in the CLIENT machine sqlnet.ora.
          It works when you use sqlplus on the database because you're actually using sqlplus and the oracle home as a client in that case.

          Hope it helps.

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          -- If you want to trace activity to/from the client machine, from the server point of view, then you'd set trace_level_SERVER, trace_directory_SERVER, etc. Basically, the database home is both a client, and a server, depending on what you're doing exactly.

          On the client machine you can only set trace_level_CLIENT, because a client machine is only a client.