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    Can we install FIN SCM9.1 on a laptop?

      Hi has anybody install PeopleSoft Fin9.1 on a laptop? Do you have the steps? Is core I3 with 4gig Ram and 750gig HD enough?

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          I have my templates ( tgz files ) extracted in my external HD, how can I put it in my VM Server seed pool so I can import/load it in VM Manager?
          Please assist.

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            This link contains all relevant information to install FSCM 9.1 on VM Server

            including the installation steps:
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              It was probably not clear enough explained in Install PeopleSoft FSCM9.1 on Oracle VM but templates have to be deployed on Oracle VM which is a bare-metal virtualization software. This means it does not install on top of an OS but instead of it. So if you want to use your laptop as a client machine as well as a VM host, it cannot be done.
              You could however customized them as explain in the Customization Guide but it could be rather painful especially if you have no virtualization experience.

              You should rather install within a 'standard' way instead of going to VM.

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                Nicolas is right. I've ended up extracting the VDI disk files from the VM templates and trying to modify them to run on OEL. It's extremely difficult to get this running properly and I've given up on it. I'm now manually installing PeopleSoft on OEL to get some experience with Linux first. Start with Windows, it's much easier. It took me weeks to finally get OEL running properly on Virtualbox and as a beginner it will probably take you a lot more time, especially if you're a Linux noob like I am.
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                  Thanks so much.
                  Btw, do you have the steps on how to install it on my laptop on a windows environment? Any Idea what media package is suitable for windows install?

                  My Colleague who initially started it, actually given up too but I'm still trying and hopefully can make it work. :)
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                    Almost there... :)

                    I'm installing the windows installation version for 64bit of FSCM9.1

                    I'm now on Ptools installation I just completed disk 1 and it asked me to insert disk 2 or locate manually
                    I have all disk 1,2 and 3 in a single DVD disk and manually point it to disk 2 and it says invalid so I point I level deeper at folder InstData and it still says Invalid
                    Instdata in Disk 2 have 3 files. I assume the 2 zip files will be extracted by the installation as I tried extracting it but it cannot be extracted.


                    I remember in VM installation version peopletools tgz files are consolidated so for windows install what will it be? I even burn 3 separate CDs for disk 1 2 and 3 but after disk 1 it asked disk 2 and
                    point it in root ( disk2 ) or Instdata folder still not recognize even burn a CD with out folder still saying invalid :(

                    Please assist. Thanks!
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                      I went through a similar process, just a month behind you. I have an i7 with 8 GB of ram and 1 TB of disk. I was able to get the PeopleSoft FSCM OVM DB running in VirtualBox by converting the disks and making a couple of very minor changes to the PeopleSoft VM initialization scripts. By this time, you are probably done with your install, but if anyone is interested, I documented my steps here: http://jjmpsj.blogspot.com/2012/05/converting-peoplesoft-ovm-templates-to.html