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    Oracle Instant Client installation

    S S K
      Hi All,

      What is the difference between installing oracle instant client using OUI(as part of oracle client) and download only Oracle instant client zip , extract in one folder.

      OCCI Application working fine when I installed oracle client through OUI, but it is not working for other case.

      Could you please tell me what is the exact difference.

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          HuaMin Chen
          Instant Client allows you to run your applications without installing the standard Oracle client or having an ORACLE_HOME. OCI, OCCI, Pro*C, ODBC, and JDBC applications work without modification, while using significantly less disk space than before. Even SQL*Plus can be used with Instant Client. No recompile, no hassle.
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            S S K
            Thank you very much.

            Application working fine with Oracle Instant client but I installed Oracle client using OUI , Option of Oracle client installation.

            Where as if I download Oracle instant client zip and extract application is not working.

            Is there any difference installing Instant client with OUI and zip file.?
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              HuaMin Chen
              Did you try with 64-bit version? I suggest you try 32-bit version instead.
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                S S K
                32 Bit, Windows XP-SP3 OS , Instant Client.

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                  HuaMin Chen
                  Can you try 10 Instant client like

                  instantclient-basic-win32- (34,846,661 bytes)

                  in your Win XP? Thanks

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                    I tried with Instant Client. But there is no luck.

                    Still I am wondering If I install Oracle Instant Client with OUI application working fine.. but if I download only Instant client zip from OTN and unzip ( Set the path and TNS_ADMIN) application not able to connect.
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                      Laurenz Albe
                      It must be a setup problem of some kind.

                      Could you detail how it "is not working"?
                      What you do, exact error messages and the like.

                      What Oracle software is installed on the machine?
                      What are the values of the environment variables ORACLE_HOME, TNS_ADMIN, LDAP_ADMIN, NLS_* and ORA_*?
                      What other software is used?

                      Laurenz Albe
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                        Thank you very much for response.

                        SW Details : Oracle Instant client.zip for windows xp-sp3 -- With its not working
                        Oracle Client OUI using If I install Instant Client - it is working

                        ORACLE_HOME = F:\app\oracle\instantclient_11_2 (not required for Oracle Instant Client)
                        path = F:\app\oracle\instantclient_11_2 (added in path)
                        TNS_ADMIN = F:\app\oracle\instantclient_11_2

                        I am unable to execute my OCCI application in a target system.

                        I have done the following deployment steps in the target system.
                        1) Downloaded "Oracle Instant Client Basic" and "SQLPlus" packages.
                        2) Added the unzipped location to the system PATH variable.
                        3) I am able to connect Oracle Server Database using "sqlplus" command.

                        While executing my OCCI application, the oracle environment is not creating. It is giving exception with junk error codes.

                        "Unable to Create Oracle Environment, *└±↕"*

                        bool CConnection::CreateEnvironment()
                                  /* create oracle environment */
                                  m_oOracleEnvironment = oracle::occi::Environment::createEnvironment(oracle::occi::Environment::DEFAULT);
                             }catch(oracle::occi::SQLException &e){
                                  m_StrError = "Unable to Create Oracle Environment, ";
                                  m_StrError += e.getMessage();
                                  return false;
                             return true;

                        Note: When i am installing "Instant Client" package from the Oracle Client UI setup, it is working fine.
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                          Laurenz Albe
                          This could be an environment variable problem.

                          Could you post all anvironment variables at the time the code is executed?

                          Also, when you get the error with the Instant Client from the ZIP file, is the other Instant Client or any other Oracle software still installed? If yes, where?

                          Laurenz Albe
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                            Please find below all env details

                            ALLUSERSPROFILE=C:\Documents and Settings\All Users
                            APPDATA=C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data
                            CLASSPATH=C:\Program Files\Oracle\Berkeley DB 11gR2 5.3.15\jar\db.jar;C:\Program Files\Oracle\Berkeley DB 11gR2 5.3.15\jar\jdbc.jar
                            CommonProgramFiles=C:\Program Files\Common Files
                            DIALOGICDIR=C:\Program Files
                            DIALOGIC_CFG_INTERNAL=C:\Program Files\Dialogic\HMP\cfg
                            DIALOGIC_FWL_BIN=C:\Program Files\Dialogic\HMP\data
                            DIALOGIC_USERDATA_DIR=C:\Program Files\Dialogic\HMP
                            DLCFGPATH=C:\Program Files\Dialogic\HMP\cfg
                            DLFWLPATH=C:\Program Files\Dialogic\HMP\data
                            DLINFPATH=C:\Program Files\Dialogic\HMP\inf
                            DNASDKDIR=C:\Program Files\Dialogic\HMP\bin
                            HOMEPATH=\Documents and Settings\Administrator
                            include=C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\VC98\atl\include;C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\VC98\mfc\include;C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\VC98\include
                            INTEL_DIALOGIC_BASE=C:\Program Files
                            INTEL_DIALOGIC_BIN=C:\Program Files\Dialogic\HMP\bin
                            INTEL_DIALOGIC_CFG=C:\Program Files\Dialogic\HMP\cfg
                            INTEL_DIALOGIC_DIR=C:\Program Files\Dialogic\HMP
                            INTEL_DIALOGIC_FWL=C:\Program Files\Dialogic\HMP\data
                            INTEL_DIALOGIC_INC=C:\Program Files\Dialogic\HMP\inc
                            INTEL_DIALOGIC_LIB=C:\Program Files\Dialogic\HMP\lib
                            INTEL_DIALOGIC_QSCRIPT=C:\Program Files\Dialogic\HMP\qscript
                            lib=C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\VC98\mfc\lib;C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\VC98\lib
                            NSSSVRSDK=C:\Program Files\Nuance\Speech Server\Server
                            NUANCE_LICMGR=C:\Program Files\Nuance\license_manager\
                            ORBACUS_CONFIG=C:\Program Files\Dialogic\HMP\cfg\dlgadmin.config
                            Path=F:\praveen\oracle\instantclient_10_2;C:\Program Files\Dialogic\HMP\bin;C:\Program Files\Dialogic\HMP\lib;C:\Program Files\Dialogic\HMP\ooc\bin;C:\Program Files\Dialogic\HMP\ooc\lib;C:\Program Files\Nuance\Speech Server\Server\bin;C:\Program Files\Nuance\Nuance Vocalizer for Network 5.0\common\speech\components;C:\Program Files\Common Files\SpeechWorks\bin;C:\WINDOWS\system32;C:\WINDOWS;C:\WINDOWS\System32\Wbem;C:\Program Files\Intel\DMIX;C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Tools\binn\;C:\Program Files\TortoiseSVN\bin;C:\PROGRA~1\COMMON~1\NUANCE~1\bin;C:\Program Files\Oracle\Berkeley DB 11gR2 5.3.15\bin;C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\Common\Tools\WinNT;C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\Common\MSDev98\Bin;C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\Common\Tools;C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\VC98\bin
                            PROCESSOR_IDENTIFIER=x86 Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 5, GenuineIntel
                            ProgramFiles=C:\Program Files
                            QSCRIPT_DIR=C:\Program Files\Dialogic\HMP\qscript
                            USERPROFILE=C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator
                            VNETWORKV5_SDK=C:\Program Files\Nuance\Nuance Vocalizer for Network 5.0\
                            VS80COMNTOOLS=C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Common7\Tools\
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                              Laurenz Albe
                              Hm, that looks ok.

                              No idea what might be the problem, but I am fairly certain it is a setup problem.

                              Laurenz Albe
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                                Yes.. I too agree with you but not able to figure out where is the exact issue..
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                                  What download did you have to install the Instant Client using the OUI? Have yet get the Instant Client installed at all, using OUI or not. Any help would be appreciated.