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    apex.oracle.com: Performance problems/no response when switching themes

      I'm experiencing intermittent (but much more often than not) performance issues when attempting to switch between app themes on apex.oracle.com.

      Typically I'm doing this on the Sample Database Application in order to reproduce stuff when helping with problems here on the forum. Submission of page 4000:179 in the wizard takes an unfeasibly long time/hangs/times out.

      Happens in a variety of browsers e.g. IE7, Firefox 5 (Windows XP), Firefox 12 and Safari 5 (OS X 10.7), from different locations/ISPs, and at different times of day—there's one been hung up for a while now (2012-06-08 1100UTC).

      Application ID: 26492
      Switching themes: 21 -> 24

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      Slow on viewing templates as well...

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      Still happening. Is anyone else experiencing this?