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    Not able to load xml file to DRM

      we have installed a new DRM software in our test environement and we are not able to load first xml file to it .

      this first time we are trying to import xml file which we got from olap outline extractor . and its not getting loaded . Do we have use any sort of format in xml to load it .
      Any information on it will be appreciated

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          Richard Miranda
          What xml file are you referring to ? In case you are referring to the configuration file for running DRM, it will be created automatically when you goto the console and create a new application.
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            Mr. V

            I think DRM accepts only .txt imports.
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              i am trying to import .txt file in parent child format and i am not able to import into DRM .

              Parent child Discription

              Do i have to define some sort of property in DRM to accept this format . We have just install DRM in Dev server and trying to import simple file to it and having issues

              Any help will really be appreciate ...
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                i have a txt file extracted from OLAP outline extractor in Format


                i am trying to import this file to DRM using import

                AT first window i have selected the path of the import file and tab as delimter . And i have checked Node.
                Under style tab i have selected the defaults values and at column tab category is system and have selected

                1* - Node Core
                2 - Description Core
                3 - Leaf

                and at target i have given the version name

                But file is not loading. can anyone help me to load this simple file to DRM . Do i have to chose different column or what i need to do to load this simple file to DRM

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                  You need a hierarchy section.

                  hier_name tab top_nodename tab hier_desc
                  Parent tab Child tab Child_desc

                  Need to check only the hierarch section and the relationship sections

                  Need to make sure sure delimiters are set to [ and ] for section headers

                  Need to make sure that the word Hierarchy matches what you have and the same for the word relationship. It's case sensitive and must match exactly

                  You do not need the leaf property. In the second tab check the box that says let DRM determine leaf and limb at the end of the process

                  Also sif you want the hierarchy to maintain the import order you need to set the sort order property and make sure when the hierarchy is created that you set the hierarchy property default sort order.