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    Sparc Enterprise T5220: memory upgrade fails with IBIST error

      I was going to upgrade the memory of our 2xT5220 servers from 16GB each to 64GB each by using 16x8GB ram, the operation on one of these server went fine without any problem, on the other server i had the following error and the system couldnt detect all the DIMM's installed. the error is:
      ERROR: MB/CMP0/MCU2 Failed IBIST,
      Fault | critical: SP detected fault at time <>. /SYS/MB/CMP0/MCU2 Forced fail (IBIST)
      Dec 19 08:45:13 ERROR: MB/CMP0/MCU3 unused because
      MB/CMP0/MCU2 is not configured
      Chassis | major: <> ERROR: MB/CMP0/L2_BANK4,
      MB/CMP0/L2_BANK5 unused because MB/CMP0/MCU2 is not configured
      Chassis | major: <> ERROR: MB/CMP0/L2_BANK6,
      MB/CMP0/L2_BANK7 unused because MB/CMP0/MCU3 is not configured
      Chassis | major: <> ERROR: Degraded configuration:
      system operating at reduced capacity
      Chassis | major:<> ERROR: System DRAM Available:
      008192 MB
      Chassis | major:<> ERROR: Only 4 cores, up to 32 cpus
      are configured because some L2_BANKS are unusable

      I followed what is stated in T5220 servers product notes.pdf, they say that I should install the patch 127580-04 and upgrade the firmware.
      I upgraded the firmware smoothly, now it is at latest level, the issue is when i try to install the patch 127850-04, an error of "no package associated to this patch" is preventing me from installing the patch.

      does any one of you had this problem before and had a way through?
      many thanks in advance for your help.